• 20 articles Innovation


    Pure research is one of the cornerstones of innovation. Many inventions at UZH result in new products that benefit the general public. Here we show how UZH promotes innovation and what results from it. More …

  • 4 articles

    Innovative Teaching

    UZH promotes and supports innovative teaching formats – and thus provides impulses for teaching to become even more effective, diverse and lively. More …

  • 7 articles

    Citizen Science

    A common cause: Citizen science refers to research collaborations between scientists and volunteers. Here we present examples and show what it takes for citizen science to succeed. More …

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    Precision Medicine

    Thanks to recent technological advances and computer-aided methods, medicine is becoming more and more precise when it comes to making diagnoses and defining treatments. At UZH many researchers are working in the field of precision medicine. More …

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    The world is undergoing a digital revolution. On 21 November 2017, Digital Day Switzerland will examine what this means for our country and our society. Here, we report on special events and presentations being staged by UZH for Digital Day. More …

  • 13 articles Faculty of Medicine

    Clinical Research Priority Programs

    The Faculty of Medicine at UZH set up eleven Clinical Research Priority Programs (CRPP) to promote strategically important areas of research. More …