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  • Theology

    World News from the Reformer

    It should be impossible to mention Zwingli without also invoking Bullinger. And yet Zurich’s second-most important reformer has remained an unknown figure. This is about to change thanks to the work of UZH researchers. Bullinger's writings are important for interpreting the events of his time, as shown by an exhibition at UZH. More …

  • Exhibition on Bullinger’s Correspondence

    When Lightning Struck the Grossmünster

    On 17 May, an exhibition about Swiss reformer Heinrich Bullinger will open at UZH. Peter Opitz, professor at the Institute of Swiss Reformation History, explains the significance of Bullinger for the Reformation. More …

  • Death and Dying

    A Legacy on Film

    The Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine is presenting a series of events devoted to the topic of film and dying. On Tuesday the discussion focused on the film Vergiss mein nicht. More …

  • History

    Cinema and Scandal

    UZH historian Martin Bürgin researches films that caused an uproar – and he is bringing them back to the big screen in a special film series. More …

  • My Alma Mater

    Father Tobias

    Accomplished alumni look back on their studies at UZH. This time it’s the turn of Tobias Brandner, a professor of theology and prison chaplain in Hong Kong. More …

  • UZH Digital Society Initiative

    "This child is going to make us very proud."

    Prominent figures from business and politics gathered in the main lecture hall to kick off the UZH Digital Society Initiative. It’s designed as a vehicle to enable the University to take a leading role in digital transformation. More …

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