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  • Leadership

    “I don’t believe in rigid hierarchies”

    Do women lead differently? How do they view employee leadership and what is their approach to management? Italian studies expert Tatiana Crivelli Speciale and natural scientist Nicole Joller each have different views on this topic – including on gender quotas. More …

  • Astrophysics

    All About Jupiter

    Jupiter is the most important planet in our solar system, says Ravit Helled, an astrophysicist who’s investigating how the round giant and other planets were formed. More …

  • Ergonomics

    "Working flat out"

    More lifestyle choices or total exhaustion: There are pros and cons to flexible working hours says ergonomist Georg Bauer. In this interview he talks about the effects of digitalization and how to feel healthy and satisfied at work. More …

  • Astrophysics

    Sapphires and Rubies in the Sky

    Researchers at the Universities of Zurich and Cambridge have discovered a new, exotic class of planets outside our solar system. These super-Earths were formed at high temperatures close to their host star and contain high quantities of calcium, aluminum and their oxides – including sapphire and ruby. More …

  • Astrophysics

    Encouraging Prospects for Moon Hunters

    Astrophysicists of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich show how the icy moons of Uranus came to be. Their findings suggest that such potentially habitable worlds are much more abundant in the Universe than previously believed. The incredibly complex computer simulations were performed at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano. More …

  • Natural History Collections

    An Archive of Nature

    It’s not just the regular exhibits at the Zoological Museum that are spectacular — it also houses an impressive natural history collection. And while not normally accessible to the public, its doors will be open for a day on 17 November, National Natural History Collections Day, when visitors can enter the storage rooms and explore. More …

  • Epigenetics

    Inherited Trauma

    Traumatic events occurring shortly after birth cause changes to genetic traits that are passed on to offspring over as many as four generations, neuroepigenetics professor Isabelle Mansuy has shown. More …

  • Behavioral science

    Animals and us

    Language, intelligence, cooperation – the things that supposedly set humans apart are increasingly being discovered in the animal kingdom. Animals hold a mirror up to our own nature and help us understand what makes us human. More …

  • International Cooperation

    Building Bridges with India

    Shraddha Karve is a postdoc at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies. She researches the stress resistance of bacteria and the evolution of proteins. She is currently organizing a conference to strengthen cooperation between researchers from India and UZH. We met with her to find out more. More … 3 Comments

  • Space Research

    NASA Lands at UZH

    UZH had the honor of welcoming Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA. He was able to gain an impression of current aviation and spaceflight projects that are being carried out at the UZH Space Hub, which already is collaborating with NASA and further partners. More …

  • Learning Process

    How Birds Learn

    Songbirds can acquire new abilities both through observation and through trial and error. However, skills acquired with the latter method are more easily adapted to new situations, as scientists at ETH and the University of Zurich have been able to demonstrate. The researchers also see parallels to how children learn. More …

  • Epigenetics

    Tumor Therapy of the Future

    Four group heads from different departments across faculties have joined forces in a pioneering three-million franc project. This collaboration will enable research into new epigenetic approaches for treating cancer. More …

  • Plant Immune Systems

    Heyday for Plant Researcher

    Until recently Cyril Zipfel was head of the prestigious Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, Great Britain. Now he’s taken up a role as professor of plant physiology at UZH – armed with an ERC Consolidator Grant as well as a prestigious Japanese award. More …

  • Research Expedition to Greenland

    Researching Arctic Vegetation

    Gabriela Schaepman-Strub of the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies and a research group are set to travel to Greenland on a mission to strengthen cooperation between Switzerland and Greenland in the area of ecological Arctic research. More …

  • Genetics

    Atlas of human cells

    First there was the Human Genome Project. Now, something even bigger is starting: the Human Cell Atlas. UZH statistician Mark Robinson is part of this global endeavor, developing computational tools to analyze large datasets of human cells. More …

  • Cell Biology

    Burned-Out Cancer Cells

    Cancer cells are very resourceful when it comes to evading the body’s repair mechanisms. Cell biologist Matthias Altmeyer researches these strategies, paving the way for novel therapies. More …

  • Technology and Philosophy

    The Hype Surrounding Artificial Intelligence

    What are the philosophical questions that we need to debate in connection with artificial intelligence? UZH sociologist of law Christoph Graber organized a workshop on this topic at UZH in cooperation with Harvard University. More …

  • Chemistry Days

    The Energy of the Future

    They're young and interested in learning about the energy of the future: 40 high school students were given the opportunity to explore the chemistry laboratories at UZH last week. Some impressions can be seen in the video below (in German). More …

  • Talk im Turm

    Wormholes and the Cradle of Modernity

    Screws, glasses, printing: The inventions of the Renaissance triggered a dramatic surge in development. Will digitalization have a comparable impact on modern society? Historian Bernd Roeck and physicist Titus Neupert debated the question at UZH’s Talk im Turm podium discussion. More …

  • Anthropology

    Tailing Apes

    Anthropologist Carel van Schaik has spent years observing orangutans and tackling the major questions of human evolution. He finds new answers to them time and time again. More … 2 Comments

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