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  • Linguistics

    How Big Data Is Transforming Linguistics

    The University of Zurich is investing in research into human languages. In the next few years a great deal of equipment will be bought and labs built as part of the LiRI project. With the help of IT specialists, it will be possible to process and analyze large volumes of data. More …

  • Leadership

    “I don’t believe in rigid hierarchies”

    Do women lead differently? How do they view employee leadership and what is their approach to management? Italian studies expert Tatiana Crivelli Speciale and natural scientist Nicole Joller each have different views on this topic – including on gender quotas. More …

  • Scandinavian Studies

    From Edda to Pippi Longstocking

    On Friday the Universities of Zurich and Basel celebrated their joint professorial chair for Nordic studies. Invited guests included the Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish ambassadors. More …

  • Study of the Ancient World

    Modern Lessons from the Ancient World

    A brilliant lecture by Egyptologist Jan Assmann opened the series of Ringvorlesungen on the theme of Migration in Antiquity. The event also marked the opening of the ZAZH – Zurich Center for the Study of the Ancient World. More …

  • Film Studies

    Digital Tools for Analog Colors

    Film studies has been remarkably indifferent when it comes to exploring the topic of color. The research project FilmColors wants to change this – and in doing so open up a range of new tools for film studies scholars. More …

  • 200 Years of Gottfried Keller

    “He never lost his spark”

    A public lecture series at UZH investigates the many faces of poet, writer, politician and painter Gottfried Keller, who was born 200 years ago. Notable Keller expert Ursula Amrein discusses why his work has remained meaningful to this day and what he had in common with railway pioneer Alfred Escher, who was a contemporary of Keller. More …

  • Global History

    Glimpses of East Asia

    UZH’s chair for global history has introduced a podcast series in cooperation with partners from across Europe. It provides listeners with fascinating insights into the history and historiography of East Asia, from the 16th century to the present. More …

  • Autobiographies

    Web of Stories

    There are many different ways of looking back on your life. One example is writing an autobiography. The website guides people wishing to put the story of their lives into words. Earlier this week, the best autobiographies were awarded prizes at an event held in UZH’s main lecture hall. More …

  • My Alma Mater

    Across Borders

    Swiss diplomat Christine Schraner Burgener has been the United Nations Special Envoy on Myanmar since last spring. A law degree from the University of Zurich formed the basis for her exceptional career. More … 1 Comment

  • Political Science

    Coming Apart at the Seams

    Political scientist Stefanie Walter’s area of research is political current affairs. But she doesn’t just watch from the sidelines, she also gets involved in the debate – especially about the worrying future of Europe. More …

  • Historic Buildings

    History Seen through Farmhouses and Village Churches

    A research team from UZH is investigating the historically significant buildings of the rural district of Dielsdorf near Zurich. The results will be published in a volume of the book series "Die Kunstdenkmaler der Schweiz". More …

  • Arabic Studies

    Alchemical Bestseller

    Didactic poetry combining alchemy and religion: The 12th-century Moroccan manuscript “Splinters of Gold” took the Arabic world by storm. But when Regula Forster was researching its author, she made a surprising discovery. More …

  • Hedi Fritz-Niggli Visiting Professor

    Taming the Goddesses of Vengeance

    For philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum it is clear: Anger and revenge are destructive and don’t get us anywhere – whether it’s personal or political. She wants us instead to embrace “transition anger”: Anger that acknowledges problems but looks for solutions. More …

  • Children’s and Young Adult Literature

    Through the Eyes of Children

    The Swiss Institute for Children’s and Young Adult Books (SIKJM) researches, documents and promotes children’s literature in Switzerland. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, in September the institute published the Atlas der Schweizer Kinderliteratur. More … 1 Comment

  • History

    Fridges and Other Revolutions

    UZH students teamed up with historians to shed light on the little known Swiss Trotskyist movement during the Cold War. The seminar project was adapted into a book, which has now been published. More …

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology

    Inventing the Future

    Financial analysts' expertise and predictions are imaginary constructs, says Stefan Leins. The social anthropologist researched their daily routines and their work. More …

  • Phonetics

    Drawing the Voice

    By decoding voices, forensic phoneticians provide important clues for the police or secret services. UZH phonetician Volker Dellwo hopes that in the future it will be possible to make identikit images based on voices. More …

  • Linguistics

    Death – A Public Affair

    Things that were once strictly in the private sphere are becoming increasingly public thanks to the internet – even the end of life. Linguist Karina Frick researches the niceties of online mourning. More …

  • Zürich meets San Francisco

    Building Bridges with San Francisco

    Last week saw researchers from Switzerland and California gather at the Zürich meets San Francisco festival. On the agenda was the influence of social media on democracy. More …

  • Center for Historical Mediology

    Fake News and Dodgy Relics

    Fake news isn’t a new phenomenon. According to German philologist Christian Kiening, who has established a Center for Historical Mediology at UZH, authenticating information was already a problem back in the Middle Ages. In this interview he takes a historian’s look at today’s media landscape. More …

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