Video Series “Standing Out” Doris Leuthard

“It should never get boring”

UZH alumna and former federal councilor Doris Leuthard continues to lead a busy life even after her time in office. As part of our alumni video series, she looks back at her time as a law student and gives us a glimpse into her personal life.

Brigitte Blöchlinger

Doris Leuthard on her time as a law student at UZH.

“It was more laid-back in those days,” smiles Doris Leuthard when we ask what kind of student she was. We recorded three videos with Doris Leuthard – in the first one she reminisces about her student days at the UZH Faculty of Law. She also discusses the issues that she thinks academia should be tackling today as a result of the digitalization processes taking over all areas of our lives. And lastly she reveals what from her time at UZH has helped her “right through to the highest level”.

How does one become a federal councilor? Doris Leuthard on her work in Berne.

In the second video, Doris Leuthard talks about her work as a federal councilor: Why she found working on agricultural policy and energy strategy particularly challenging, how she deals with criticism and what impact becoming a federal councilor has on one’s life.

There is life after the Federal Council: Doris Leuthard the person.

In the third video, we get a glimpse of Doris Leuthard the person. She talks about growing up with three brothers and tells us her recipe for staying happily married for more than 20 years. Since the beginning of the year the 56-year-old has been able to enjoy life away from the public eye once again, and has recently spent a month on holiday in New Zealand with her husband. But has she really allowed herself to wind down a bit, or is her agenda still full of commitments? Find out in our video series “Standing Out”.

Brigitte Blöchlinger, Editor UZH News; English translation by Caitlin Stephens, UZH Communications

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