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    Internationale Studierende

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    A new semester has started, which means that many students and PhD candidates from abroad are currently arriving in Switzerland. The German courses at the Language Center offer them a gateway to Swiss culture.
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    New teaching tools

    Virtual Reality in Dental Medicine

    Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Bernd Stadlinger and biologist Reinhard Gruber have developed the script for a virtual reality tool and an app focused on bone formation and degradation processes.
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    UZH Teaching Fund – Part 6: International teaching

    Share Your Mountain Landscapes

    How are mountain regions dealing with migration and climate change? A collaborative seminar at UZH and Tbilisi State University explores the challenges faced by both the Alps and the Caucasus region – with the help of a custom-developed app.
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    Chatbots and teaching

    “Responsibility lies with the human being, not artificial intelligence”

    Chatbots pose a challenge to university teaching: where can they be helpful, where not? Thomas Hidber, Head of Educational Development at UZH, advocates a selective approach to their usage – to relieve students of routine work, for example. However, it’s all the more important that the use of AI systems is made transparent.
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    UZH Teaching Fund – Part 4: Individualized Teaching

    From Lab Bench to Sofa

    The 2.0 app enables medical students to use their computers or smartphones to conduct microscope examinations of pathology tissue samples. This helps them understand the connections between cell structure and organ dysfunction.
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    UZH Teaching Fund – Part 3: Engaged Teaching

    Pitch Perfect

    How do interdisciplinary teams develop ideas that are in touch with the world outside of university? In various innovation courses at UZH, students learn how they can translate their ideas into business solutions – including a reality check by industry experts.
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    UZH Teaching Fund – Part 3: Goal-Oriented Teaching

    Programming and Reflecting

    A cross-faculty lecture series addresses the basic principles, applications and implications of machine learning. Students are introduced to the use of algorithms in the world of work and in research, and gain awareness of the risks of digitalization and the accompanying ethical issues.
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    UZH Teaching Fund – Part 5: Transdisciplinary

    “Reality is much more complex”

    In the interdisciplinary lecture series “Sustainability Now!”, Right Livelihood Award recipients talk about how they have been able to initiate sustainable developments, from peacebuilding to preserving biodiversity. The lectures are presented and chaired by students who want to learn how to translate academic learning into practice.
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    UZH Teaching Fund – Part 1: Research-based teaching

    Taking the Plunge into Research

    In the Research Cycle in Genomics block course, students experience research firsthand, by formulating their own research questions based on experimental data and then investigating them. In addition to getting undergraduates motivated, this freedom can lead to some amazing results.
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    Academic Career Development


    Under Next Generation @ UZH, the University of Zurich is creating permanent positions for lecturers and senior lecturers, with a clear focus on either teaching or research, from 2023. This step opens up attractive new career paths for highly qualified junior researchers.
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    The Future of Teaching at UZH

    The Future of Teaching at UZH

    UZH has launched a new initiative called the Future of Teaching (“Zukunft der Lehre”). In this interview, Gabriele Siegert explains where the journey is headed and how the initiative will benefit teaching staff and students.
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    Game-Changing Teaching Approaches

    In traditional seminar and lecture formats, instructors explain a topic, while students present and discuss their ideas. But these formats are increasingly complemented by new, innovative approaches to learning. UZH systematically promotes these methods.
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    A Unique Academic Program

    The University of Zurich is introducing a new degree program on biodiversity in the 2023 Fall Semester. Students can complete the study program, the only one of its kind in German-speaking countries, at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.
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    START! Study

    Golden Gate to the Future

    The START! Study – University Integration Program at UZH provides refugees with new perspectives in their academic and professional lives. The program’s first 40 participants recently completed the course.
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    UZH Teaching Award

    “Learning from one another”

    At the Dies academicus last Saturday, Classics scholar Christoph Riedweg was presented with the UZH teaching award. The award winner explains in this interview how he fires up students’ enthusiasm for his subject, and what he finds so interesting about Greek philology.
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    UZH Mentoring Award

    Successful as a Team

    Three professors were recently awarded UZH’s first-ever Mentoring Award. But what are the hallmarks of good supervision and mentoring? We met with award-winner Katharina Maag Merki to find out.
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    Innovathon 2021

    Transforming Travel

    What will the transport of tomorrow look like? How will digitalization change the way we get around? In a new module run by the UZH Innovation Hub and the Digital Society Initiative, students from the University of Zurich examined the interdisciplinary challenges of digitalization and mobility. Over the course of a 48-hour “Innovathon”, they came up with creative ideas to solve real-world problems.
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    Ambassador for Open Science

    Melanie Röthlisberger provides students and junior researchers with the tools to navigate all things open science. The linguist has been working in the Data Services & Open Access team in the Main Library of the University of Zurich since February 2021.
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    Sustainability Report

    Toward A Cleaner Future

    The University of Zurich is committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. The recently published Sustainability Report shows where UZH currently stands when it comes to achieving this goal.
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    International Relations

    UZH Teams Up with Leading Australian University

    The University of Zurich and the University of Queensland have entered into a strategic partnership, formalizing their long-standing cooperation in research and teaching – and paving the way for new joint projects.