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    Media Research

    News Coverage in Major Media Outlets Is Politically Balanced

    A new study by the fög shows that news coverage in the major media outlets in particular is diverse and politically balanced. While proposals from governmental authorities are more likely to be covered positively, popular initiatives are given more overall attention.
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    Evolutionary Biology

    AI Increases Precision in Plant Observation

    Researchers at UZH have used big data, machine learning and field observations in the university’s experimental garden to show how plants respond to changes in the environment.
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    Academic Year 2023

    More Master’s Students at UZH

    A total of around 27,700 people will return to or begin studying at the University of Zurich next week. Of those, 3,500 are just starting out on their university careers at the Bachelor’s level.
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    Wide-Ranging Cases of Sexual Abuse in Swiss Catholic Church

    An independent team of historians was given unprecedented access to archives of the Swiss Catholic Church to investigate cases of sexual abuse within the church. The UZH researchers have now documented 1,002 cases of sexual abuse committed by Catholic clerics, church staff and members of Catholic orders that have occurred in Switzerland since the mid-20th century.
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    Scientifica 2023

    Science Draws in the Crowds

    20,000 to 30,000 visitors experienced science up close this weekend at Scientifica, Switzerland’s largest science festival. Some 1,000 researchers from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich were on site to present their work.
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    Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers

    EIn a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI), the AI system “Swift”, designed by UZH researchers, has beaten the world champions in drone racing – a result that seemed unattainable just a few years ago. The AI-piloted drone was trained in a simulated environment.
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    Many people feel their jobs are pointless

    A sociological study confirms that employees in financial, sales and management occupations are more likely to conclude that their jobs are of little use to society.
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    Pharma Research

    AI Brings Hope for Patients with Lyosomal Storage Disease

    Advances in the use of Big Data, learning algorithms and powerful computers improve research into serious metabolic disease.
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    New Superconductors Can Be Built Atom by Atom

    The naturally occurring topology of atoms can make it difficult to create new physical effects. One atom at a time, researchers have now successfully designed new states of matter.
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    Women’s Soccer Rated as Highly as Men’s

    The quality of women’s vs. men’s soccer has been the subject of heated debates. Research conducted at UZH has now settled the score – with some interesting findings.
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    Who Sees What? Ritual Costumes from Sri Lanka, a Reflection on Encounters

    The Ethnographic Museum showcases newly acquired masks, costumes and ritual objects from Sri Lanka with the aim to foster dialogue – and critically reflect on its own history.
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    Criticism with care is more persuasive

    When unethical behavior is criticized, demands are often met with defensiveness and denial. New research shows that concern for their welfare makes people more open to criticism.
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    AI language models

    GPT-3 Informs and Disinforms Us Better

    AI language model produces accurate tweets that are easier to understand, but also tweets containing disinformation that are harder to detect, according to a UZH study.
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    Dental Medicine

    How the Evolution of Tooth Enamel Tissue Unfolded

    Researchers at the UZH Center for Dental Medicine show that mutations in the Notch pathway can lead to defective structures in tooth enamel.
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    Soil Science

    Climate Change Releases Carbon Stocks Deep Underground

    Global warming is accelerating the decomposition of soil humus. It is also affecting the waxy and woody compounds – previously thought to be stable – which help plants store carbon in their leaves and roots.
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    Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies

    Climate Change: Rising Rainfall, not Temperatures, Threaten Giraffe Survival

    Giraffes in the East African savannahs are adapting surprisingly well to the rising temperatures caused by climate change. However, they are threatened by increasingly heavy rainfall.
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    Tracing Chile’s Indigenous Roots Through Genetics and Linguistics

    Researchers have reconstructed the legacy of the Mapuche, Chile’s largest indigenous community, in a quest to strengthen their representation in the history of the continent.
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    New Class of Antibiotics to Fight Resistant Bacteria

    Researchers have modified the chemical structure of naturally occurring peptides to develop antimicrobial molecules that bind to novel targets in the bacteria’s metabolism.
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    Johanna Spyri and Heidi archives included in the Memory of the World Register of UNESCO

    The Johanna Spyri and Heidi archives in Zurich have been added to UNESCO's Memory of the World International Register. The University of Zurich will be working with both institutions to promote the academic study of the collections.
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    Evolution of Language

    Chimpanzees Combine Calls to Communicate New Meaning

    Similar to humans, chimpanzees combine vocalizations into larger communicatively meaningful structures. UZH researchers suggest that this ability might be evolutionarily more ancient than previously thought.