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  • Medicine

    High Cholesterol, Overweight and Reduced Physical Stamina Are Long Covid Sequelae in Young Adults

    Healthy young people with just a mild Covid infection can sometimes suffer temporary post-infection consequences such as tiredness, loss of smell and taste or reduced fertility. They usually recover well. In the longer term, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular complications are possible.
  • Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute

    Looking at the Bigger Picture

    Covid infections are on the rise again. Time for UZH epidemiologists Milo Puhan and Viktor von Wyl to take stock and look ahead. With video.
  • Covid-19

    Immunological Memory Provides Long-Term Protection against Coronavirus

    Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 by infection or vaccination generates immune cells that provide long-term immunity. These long-lived memory T cells play a key role in preventing severe cases of Covid-19. Researchers at the University of Zurich have now discovered how these memory T cells form.
  • Covid-19

    School Closures Led to More Sleep and Better Quality of Life for Adolescents

    The school closures in spring 2020 had a negative effect on the health and well-being of many young people. But homeschooling also had a positive flipside: Thanks to sleeping longer in the morning, many teenagers reported improved health and health-related quality of life.

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