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  • Inoculation Against Diseased Fields

    A Swiss research team has now shown that inoculating the soil with mycorrhizal fungi can help maintain or even improve yields without the use of additional fertilizers or pesticides. In a large-scale field trial, harvests increased by up to 40 percent.
  • A Smartwatch App to Tackle Long Covid

    A treatment for people suffering from Long Covid is yet to materialize. The only approach that has proven to be effective is for patients to manage their symptoms. Researchers at UZH have developed an innovative smartwatch application and app that help patients do this. The researchers have now been awarded this year’s UZH Postdoc Team Award.
  • The Operating Room of the Future

    The innovative OR-X at the Balgrist University Hospital is an exact copy of an operating room. Here, surgeons can train their skills and team up with researchers to develop computer-assisted surgical methods. This speeds up the translation of state-of-the-art surgical innovations into clinical practice and benefits patients.
  • Protection of Highly Threatened Sharks and Rays Inadequate

    Research into elasmobranch functional diversity has revealed previously overlooked, critical conservation priorities, underscoring the urgent need for targeted action to safeguard the threatened species.
  • UZH As Real-World Laboratory

    UZH tapped into the collective wisdom of its community to find out how to make everyday university operations more sustainable. It is now supporting several projects to improve sustainability. The various projects are aimed at reducing flight-related greenhouse gas emissions, increasing plastic recycling in labs, curbing electricity consumption in radiology, and managing the vegetation on Irchel Campus.

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Seeds from the Vault

Researchers at UZH are freezing the seeds of threatened local plants to help increase the biodiversity of ecosystems in the future.


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UZH Magazin: Research on a Global Scale

The newest issue of the UZH Magazin, out now in German, shines a light on global collaborations of UZH researchers with partners around the world.


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