• The Future of Teaching at UZH

    “Keeping the big picture in mind”

    UZH has launched a new initiative called the Future of Teaching (“Zukunft der Lehre”). In this interview, Gabriele Siegert explains where the journey is headed and how the initiative will benefit teaching staff and students. web.newslist.more

  • Medicine

    Commercial Dishwashers Destroy Protective Layer in Gut

    Residue from rinse agents is left behind on dishes after they are cleaned in professional-grade dishwashers. This damages the natural protective layer in the gut and can contribute to the onset of chronic diseases, as demonstrated by researchers. web.newslist.more

  • Right Livelihood Award

    “Peace is more than the absence of war”

    Fartuun Adan and Ilwad Elman are the recipients of this year’s Right Livelihood Award, also known as the alternative Nobel Prize. Before the awards ceremony, the two activists spoke at UZH about their humanitarian activities in Somalia, a country beset by civil war. web.newslist.more

  • UZH Center for Crisis Competence

    Crisis Mode

    The new UZH Center for Crisis Competence (CCC) opened its doors this week with a public launch event. Alexander Wagner, professor of finance and co-head of the CCC, tells us about the center’s purpose and how it will contribute to improved crisis competence. web.newslist.more

  • NCCR Evolving Language

    Genes and Languages

    Does the history of our languages match the history of our genes? A team of scientists at the University of Zurich and the Max-Planck-Institute have revealed a large number of matches – but also widespread mismatches in around 20 percent of cases, including in Malta, Hungary and Namibia. web.newslist.more

  • Medicine

    Watching the Metabolism at Work

    Researchers from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich are taking magnetic resonance imaging a step further. With their new method, they can visualize metabolic processes in the body. Their objective is to improve the future diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. web.newslist.more

  • Teaching

    Game-Changing Teaching Approaches

    In traditional seminar and lecture formats, instructors explain a topic, while students present and discuss their ideas. But these formats are increasingly complemented by new, innovative approaches to learning. UZH systematically promotes these methods. web.newslist.more

  • Parking Charges

    The Cost of Parking

    The University of Zurich is increasing its parking fees from 1 January 2023. François Chapuis, Vice President Real Estate and Facility Management, explains why this step is necessary. . web.newslist.more

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