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  • Neurosciences

    More Blood Vessels in the Brain

    Nogo-A is a signal molecule that is known to inhibit nerve cell growth. Now brain researcher and budding neurosurgeon Thomas Wälchli has managed to show how it suppresses the formation of fine blood vessels in the brain. More …

  • Highly Cited UZH Research

    Top Grades for UZH Researchers

    The current list of the most frequently cited researchers features UZH academics Beat Keller, Enrico Martinoia, Ernst Fehr, Christian von Mering, Jordi Bascompte, and Torsten Hothorn. UZH News found out more about the work underlying these rankings. More …

  • Quantitative Biology

    New Trend in the Life Sciences

    Cycler, a program for analyzing biological cells, has earned Gabriele Gut and Prisca Liberali the prestigious honor of publication in Nature Methods. This puts the increasingly important field of quantitative biology firmly in the limelight. More …

  • Molecular Biology

    Spätzle Responsible for Death of Weak Cells

    Stefanie Meyer at the UZH Institute of Molecular Life Sciences has already landed a real scientific coup with her doctoral thesis. She and her partners in America have become the first researchers to show how weak cells are eliminated in the tissue. More …

  • Biochemistry

    A Molecule Like a Swiss Army Knife

    Biochemist Martin Jinek is currently conducting research on a bacterial molecule that could revolutionize genetic engineering. As a sign of success, the UZH researcher and his team have just published their third article in a row in a world-renowned journal, in this case «Nature». More …

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